Right here comes the fresh new bride-to-be escorted from the her girlfriends just who holdan stitched coverlet – bolimpush over their head

Right here comes the fresh new bride-to-be escorted from the her girlfriends just who holdan stitched coverlet – bolimpush over their head

At home of betrothed girl addititionally there is an excellent plov ceremony, now for ladies – locals, members of the family and bride’s girlfriends. And you will what is more, this new plov are going to be made from the components delivered throughout the groom’s home. In some regions of Uzbekistan, inside the Fergana area particularly, it is regular for the groom’s nearest and dearest to take on the an effective unique barrow an excellent cauldron which have newly-ready plov into bride’s house.

The latest bride’s direct is actually adorned with exclusive gilded openwork kokoshnik tillya-kosh with plenty of pendants

A day later the fresh groom, his family and you may household members followed by the artists to play this new doyra and you may surnay visited the fresh new bride’s house so you can anticipate their moms and dads. Are already outfitted this new bride-to-be are pregnant new bridegroom inside the organization out of their girlfriends. not, the situation got has just altered and you can right now just village girls, plus those people residing the city prefer the Uzbek conventional gowns off a bride. In Tashkent and you may Fergana regions brand new bride was using a great white silk skirt or a gown made of khan-atlas also an enthusiastic stitched sleeveless jacket, a cotton dressing up gown otherwise a good velvet silver-stitched camisole. It’s wrapped in a good gauzy veil to full cover up the fresh new bride’s face away from indiscreet stares. Away from according to the dress you will find apparent velvet or cotton greater jeans hemmed with an embroideredband – djiyak. When you look at the Khoresm the new bride-to-be is supposed to placed on an extended tunic-instance cotton top away from green otherwise light colour, a deep red unbuttoned dressing outfit and you may reddish wide shorts. Which dresses is supplemented which have upward-toed boots and good headdress takya-duzi when it comes to good conic-shaped cap. Into the Surkhandarya part brides put on purple clothes to your relationship service.

Enough accessories complementing the brand new bride’s attire are not simply joyful jewellery, but i have miracle and you may routine value. To the special day for the first time in her lifetime the new bride-to-be puts on bands, necklaces and you will a nose-band representing relationship fidelity. All the time brand new forehead adornments linked of the chains have been sensed a form of cover against the evil attention plus amulet-times – cancers.

The latest bride’s space try adorned with suzanes, all of the their unique attires holding on it. In one spot of the area bride’s relatives – a wedded partners having existed an extended and you will pleased existence – program an effective curtain – chimilik adorned with stunning embroidery into the a couple sides cut that have light cloth. On one side of curtain it hang a solid wood spoon and you can a blade, on the other side – hot reddish pepper. With respect to the ancient belief, a knife prefers an alternative loved ones that have a delivery out-of an excellent brave and you can fearless young man; a scoop augurs a delivery off good child – a beneficial house-keeper. And you may pepper handles this new glee from a young couple contrary to the worst vision.

The modern bride-to-be may be wearing an outstanding besГёg dette sted lige her white skirt with a train, a cap which have a beneficial veil and you may light gloves

They presents a pleasurable « roof » in marriage. The fresh bride was delivered trailing chimilik. This woman is accompanied by the latest bridegroom. He steps at the rear of brand new curtain towards musical accompaniment off smiling songs. His family members is moving as much as. A respectable old woman begins training a true blessing prayer on younger few and all the individuals present in the room sign-up their own regarding the prayer.

In order to push away worst morale the elderly women with lighted candles in their hands walking across the place curtained which have chimilik 3 x, whereas the new groom as well as the bride remain inside toward an effective blanket – kurpacha produced from multi-coloured pieces of fabric. After that honey try lead. This new groom is liking it very first and have to help you the fresh new fiance together with his individual hand to ensure its then life could well be sweet. Then they offer a mirror, which was perhaps not utilized prior to because of the other people. The students couples would be to find both inside echo. Then the fresh new bridegroom leaves into an eye fixed otherwise a bracelet towards bride’s arm. Prior to the young pair it laya content – dastarkhan, together with made from short bits of cloth, that’s thought to provide prosperity on the household. Candy and you can apartment cakes are put on the dastarkhan.

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